Emmerdale’s Victoria Barton sacked by Gabby Thomas after Jacob incident

Victoria Barton from Emmerdale loses her job at The Hide the next week as a result of a troubling occurrence with Jacob Gallagher.

After causing Jacob to become ill due to Victoria’s carelessness, Gabby Thomas decides to fire her.

Victoria accidentally tells Jacob that a slider on the menu at a sampling event is nut-free in the forthcoming plot development.

As a result, when Jacob eats the food, he experiences an allergic reaction and passes out, falling to the ground.

In a desperate effort to assist, Victoria, Leyla Cavanagh, and Suzy Merton search for an auto adrenaline injector.

Victoria hurries off to get it when a struggling Jacob manages to convey that there is one in his car. Sadly, when Victoria can’t locate the pen, valuable time is lost.

As her son becomes more frail on the floor at The Hide, Leyla is distraught and feels helpless.

Later, once Jacob has been admitted to the hospital, Leyla seeks revenge, aiming for Victoria.

Gabby hears Victoria’s apology and soon finds herself losing prospective customers for the Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits center because of the potential for reputational harm. After recent difficulties at Home Farm, viewers are aware that Gabby has been considering selling her property and leaving the town.

Leyla’s enraged discovery that Victoria is still employed at The Hide makes things even worse. If nothing is done, she threatens to destroy the company.

Vicky is distraught when Gabby notices and fires her. What does her immediate future hold?

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