Emmerdale’s Suzy ‘exposed’ – secret serial killer, Meena’s pal and Nicola’s attacker

Suzy Merton from Emmerdale was undoubtedly holding a few tricks when she first arrived in the community.

Suzy, who was identified as one of the drug users responsible for Holly Barton’s overdose and death, appears to have improved by quitting cocaine and being honest with her lover Vanessa Woodfield.

Fans are convinced that she is still concealing something, whether it is a connection to the serial killer Meena Jutla or a role in the vicious assault on Nicola King.

What exactly is Suzy doing? The Daily Star has looked into the nefarious ties she might be concealing as Leyla Cavanagh’s drug addiction intensifies.

Secret Meena connection

Fans believe Suzy could be the key to assisting serial killer Meena Jutla escape prison despite the fact that she was recently given a sentence of 75 years in prison.

Some people even believe Leyla initially approached Suzy to prevent her from helping Meena, which is how she became involved in her ongoing drug usage. She may have even started taking cocaine as a crutch to get by.

After Meena shot her on the bridge at Billy and Dawn’s wedding and also killed her stepdaughter Leanna, Leyla would have reason to assist in stopping her.

A Twitter user made the following wild speculation: “Know this is a bit out there, but convinced Suzy is related to Meena and might be helping with her escape, Leyla could be trying to stop her?”

“It kind of makes sense if she’s Meena’s friend and blames others in the village for putting her down,” the same admirer continued.

Another poster stated: “I just read a comment that speculated that Leyla had hired Suzy as a hit woman to kill Meena, and I truly wouldn’t rule out Emmerdale at this time.

After she managed to thwart Meena’s attempts to kill her, one person even speculated that she might be Nadine, Meena’s first victim ever, in disguise. They said: “I think she is Meena’s friend who is meant to have perished first!”

Serial killer in disguise

Although Meena, the Dales’ most known serial killer to date, was only recently killed, Suzy’s supporters believe they are ready for another.

Given that she was involved in Holly’s death, would it really be that far-fetched for her to purposely kill someone else?

Suzy has been the subject of several ideas on social media, with one viewer scoffing: “Not another serial killer?”

It’s fantastic to see Vanessa happy, but I doubt it will continue because Suzy will probably turn out to be a serial killer in a few weeks, a commenter said.

Beth link uncovered

Fans were shocked to see Dawn Fletcher’s small daughter Clemmie in a dog bed when she arrived to her closest friend Beth’s funeral.

Fans also believe Suzy may have been involved in Beth’s demise and may possibly have given her the lethal medicines, as she did with Holly.

Is Dawn’s deceased friend going to be connected to Suzy?, a Twitter user queried.

“Dawn’s new long-term best friend’s death is well going to be linked to Suzy,” a second echoed.

Nicola’s attacker

A group of adolescent females brutally attacked Nicola King earlier this year, and the entire incident was documented on film.

Despite Nicola’s best efforts, the attackers have not yet been apprehended, but fans are confident they know who at least one of them is and believe she may be Suzy’s sister.

“I’m betting this lass is related or linked to Suzy (both have the same voice), and she comes to visit with the other one who’s trainers Nicola saw and that’s how Nicola’s going to know who it was who beat her,” one Twitter user wrote alongside a photo of one of the girls wearing a denim jacket and black top.

But someone else objected, saying, “OMG they both have a Yorkshire accent… in a Yorkshire soap! Why don’t you understand, buddy? The only link is that.

Nevertheless, anything is possible in Soapland.

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