Emmerdale’s ‘stomach churning’ Chas and Al storyline leaves viewers feeling sick

As the Chas and Al plot continues, tonight’s episode of Emmerdale left viewers feeling a little uneasy. In tonight’s epilogue, the secret lovers were talking about the future.

Al admitted to loving Chas and that he “meant what he said.” Imagine the future we could have together, he then said, expressing his desire for a “future” with her.

However, Chas and Al’s narrative has grown old to Emmerdale viewers, and many of them are hoping that the adulterous couple’s future is sealed. The incident has been dubbed “stomach churning” by viewers.

Al who loves no one but himself telling Chas he makes her happy, give it a rest now ffs, wrote @itzzzo_. Thanks #emmerdale, commented @ockeghem1497.

Those Chas and Al “love” scenes have significantly aided the UK’s mental health problem, according to @blue laur11, who also stated that the Al and Chas relationship must end. It makes your stomach turn! “

Some fans even claim that the writers are “punishing” viewers since they have “ruined” Chas, as @LinziRainbow put it: “Chas and Al deserve each other, lowlifes. Since Aaron left, the authors have destroyed Chas, who served as her conscience and compass.

@leahallen77 said: “Please end this now Al & Chas plot atleast Chas got one thing right Al doesn’t know what love is.” @Meeshyjay said: “The writers are punishing us now with these cringy Al and Chas sequences every frigging day.”

“Chas and Al make me feel nauseous,” said @KatMarBax. I would like Chas to leave, thank you, said @ sophieee97. The Sandra plot running concurrently with the Chas and Al storyline is too much crap to handle, according to @ifeeflames.

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