Emmerdale’s secret Liverpool heartbeat and why Scousers love long-running ITV show

This year, Emmerdale will mark its 50th anniversary, and the program is still quite popular.

A month of festivities will be dedicated to the ITV soap’s milestone birthday in October. The episodes, according to the show’s producers, will center on a terrible storm that completely changes the imaginary community.

The ECHO was curious to learn why viewers from Liverpool are so drawn to a show set in the Yorkshire Dales when they were invited to a press event to kick off the birthday celebrations. We discovered that two significant creative roles on the show are filled by people from Liverpool.

When the ECHO posed a question, both producer Kate Brooks and executive producer Jane Hudson disclosed their ties to Liverpool.

Jane used to work for the ECHO and Kate is from Liverpool, so they were both eager to respond to our inquiries.

Later, Jane said that the show appeals to Scousers because its themes are universal and so relevant to people in all of the UK. She uttered: “Someone in Suffolk or Wales could experience what happened to the person in Yorkshire.

“Regardless of the country you are having sex in, an affair is an affair. Even if Yorkshire and our surroundings make us special, I believe our stories have universal appeal.”

She also gave the writing team’s diversity credit for its ability to produce stories that resonate with readers of various backgrounds. She uttered: “There are, at least, 28 writers who hail from different parts of the nation.

Thus, not all of them are from Yorkshire. There are individuals here of all ages.

The executive producer claimed that the rural environment of the show is what makes it stand out to viewers; Katherine Dow Blyton concurred that this is the most crucial element of the program.

This village is the most beautiful place to work, she told the ECHO. Not so good in the winter, but when you first arrive and the sun is rising, it’s simply so breathtaking.

In an interview with the ECHO, Zoe Henry, who portrays Rhona Ghoskirk in Emmerdale, discussed how the long history of the program is another factor that makes it relevant to people all over the nation.

She uttered: “There are many personalities who have been present for a long time, thus there is a history and those characters have a strong impact on people. I believe that everything is connected.”

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