Emmerdale’s Sarah Sugden: Tragic namesake, devastating health battle and absent parents

Sarah Sugden, a teenager who grew up watching the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, is linked to two of the show’s largest families.

Since she was born on the show in 2005, Sarah, who is half Dingle and half Sugden, has appeared alongside important characters and been a part of some incredibly significant storylines.

The girl, who is currently 17 years old, will soon be considering her future, even though she had previously worried that she might not live a full life.

Since she was a small child, Sarah has had major health issues, and she frequently talks about not having the same upbringing as her friends. Here, we take a look back at some of the main events for the character.

Who are Sarah’s parents? Who is she related to?

The parents of Sarah Sugden are Debbie Dingle and Andy Sugden. Right now, neither character is present in the community.

Despite a brief trip back, Debbie resides in Scotland with her son Jack, Sarah’s brother, and she has no plans to return. In 2016, Andy fled the scene of an incident he did not cause.

Sarah is the niece of Nate Robinson, Ryan Stocks, Noah Dingle, and Moses Dingle as well as the granddaughter of Charity and Cain Dingle, Diane Sugden, and Victoria and Robert Sugden.

Also among her uncles are Kyle and Isaac. Frankie, Seb, and Harry all have a cousin named Sarah.

Who was Sarah named after?

The tragic adoptive mother of Andy, Sarah Sugden, who passed away in a fire in 2000, inspired the name Sarah. The fire that killed Sarah was started by Andy.

Even though Andy had no intention of killing Robert and Victoria’s mother, his actions shattered the family. It started the brothers’ ongoing conflict.

Additionally named after a relative, Sarah Jr.’s brother Jack is their late grandfather Jack Sugden, who passed away off-screen in 2009.

What happened to Sarah, and will she die?

Six-year-old Sarah was given a bone marrow transplant in order to save her life after being identified as having the rare genetic condition Fanconi anemia in 2011.

Since neither Debbie nor Andy, nor any of their relatives, were a good fit for Sarah, they decided they needed to have another child.

Later on in the year, Sarah’s condition deteriorated and she started to develop leukaemia. That following month, Jack was born, and he turned out to be a match. Sarah was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017.

Sarah had treatment in Prague as a result of a crowdfunding initiative and assistance from Debbie’s grandma Faith Dingle. After collapsing unexpectedly a year later, it was discovered that she was experiencing heart failure as a complication of treatment.

Sarah was hospitalized due to a virus as she awaited a transplant, but ultimately a match was made, and she underwent surgery.

After the heart didn’t function as it should at first, there were some difficulties, but the medication quickly stabilized her.

Due to her sickness, Sarah has spent the most of her life in hospitals or shelters, and she is concerned that her experiences will prevent her from living a long life. Some patients have lived more than 25 years after receiving a heart transplant, according to the NHS, with survival rates dependant on a variety of circumstances.

Who plays Sarah on Emmerdale?

Actress Katie Hill presently portrays Sarah. Since 2017, Katie has played Sarah.

Before this, the part was originally played by actress Sophia Amber Moore from 2007 to 2016 before being recast.

Three other child actresses played the role before this, since 2005.

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