Emmerdale’s Samson Dingle killed after getting caught up in Meena Jutla revenge plan?

Samson Dingle, an EMMERDALE inhabitant, may be killed by Meena Jutla if he becomes involved in her revenge plot against Vinny and her sister Manpreet.

Meena Jutla (Paige Sandu) has been on a mission this week after drugging and holding her sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) hostage before beating Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) over the head and knocking him out.

She even buried her trophy box in Liam Cavanagh’s (Jonny McPherson) allotment to avoid being discovered.

Meena discovered Leanna Cavanagh’s ring gone from her trophy case during Thursday night’s double-bill.

She suspected Noah Dingle of stealing it because he was the only other person in her room.

Vinny is horrified, but assures Manpreet that they will be alright. Meena, on the other hand, has other plans and injects her sister with even more pills.

Manpreet attempts to slip free from her shackles and assaults Meena, wounding her wrist, while Vinny fears the end is coming.

Meena, unfortunately for the pair, quickly has the upper hand.

Meena returns to the two after an uneasy meeting with Dr Liam and informs them that today is their last day alive.

On Friday, viewers were left scratching their heads after Vinny discovered Manpreet alive, only for Meena to kidnap him as well.

Meena later broke into the Dingles’ house and returned the ring, leaving the youngers in the dark about where it had gone.

In recent episodes, Vinny has grown wary about Meena, as he stated to Liv (Isabelle Steele) in prison: “Meena’s name keeps popping up.”

Liv tried to dismiss the concept, but Vinny isn’t going down without a fight. And to make matters worse, Noah and Samson are now involved.

Meena taunted Vinny in the cafe during Friday night’s episode. The nurse assured the child that she thought Liv was innocent.

Meena then inquired about Vinny’s theories about Liv’s innocence.

Vinny explained, “I have so many questions.” “For example, what happened to Ben’s body and where did it end up?”

“Did you observe how you assisted Wendy in packing up his belongings? You didn’t, of course, or you would have said so.”

Meena ordered him, “Keep your pecker up.” “What perplexes me is why Liv, of all people, was arrested. ‘It’s a dude,’ say the cops most of the time.”

Before she departed, Meena taunted, “Women may be violent sadists like the rest of them.”

Meena ran into Noah after leaving the cafe and confessed that she had broken into the Dingles’ to reclaim the ring.

She went on to admit that she had originally stolen the ring and that it wasn’t even hers.

When Noah told the nurse he was going to call the cops, Meena retaliated by threatening him.

As Vinny listened in on the chat, she yelled, “It truly wouldn’t end well for you.”

Back at the house, Noah admitted to stealing Meena’s ring and implicated Samson and Chloe in the scheme.

“She slipped in here to get the ring back,” Noah revealed. She had to have known Samson had it in some way.

“She’s twisted,” says the narrator. She became obnoxious and began threatening me.”

Vinny followed Meena to the barn where Manpreet was being held at the end of the episode.

Meena knocked the boy unconscious after the GP tried to warn him off.

Noah told Samson, “You’re right.” “We’ll stay away from Meena.”

“We? “This is a problem that you have,” Samson said.

Could Noah, who is already skeptical of Meena, figure out what’s going on and go after Vinny?

Will unfortunate Samson be caught in the crossfire and slain by Meena as a result?

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