Emmerdale’s Samson Dingle is confronted over his latest mistake

Samson Dingle from Emmerdale is dealing with more blowback tonight (April 17) following his recent altercation with Amelia Spencer.

When Samson’s cousin Noah discusses how he offended Amelia when she needed help, it causes issues for him.

Amelia told Samson last week that she had discovered a lump on her breast and was worried about what it might mean.

Samson tactfully reminded Amelia that their daughter Esther needed her presence and bluntly branded her selfish when he discovered that she was unwilling to go to the hospital for examinations.

In the episode airing on Monday, Noah tries to reassure Amelia by saying that her lump isn’t likely to be cancerous.

Amelia worries about Esther being left with Samson if something were to happen to her, which makes her uneasy.

Later, Lydia, Samson’s stepmother, discovers that the teenagers are now arguing once more.

Noah explains Amelia’s health scare and Samson’s vicious response to Lydia when she asks for clarification.

Samson is given some harsh realities about his behavior by Lydia, who is upset to learn that he has messed up once more.

Amelia’s admission that she has missed Noah greatly makes things better for him in the while.

Noah gains reassurance from Amelia that she wants to see him again, giving him cause for optimism.

The actress who plays Amelia, Daisy Campbell, had previously supported the on-off relationship. They look wonderful on film, at least I think they do, she exclusively told the media last month.

Noah gets along nicely with Esther too. I sincerely hope Amelia and Noah reconcile.

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