Emmerdale’s Samson Dingle forced to change after Amelia’s heartbreaking cancer scare

Since it was revealed he is the father of Amelia Spencer’s (Daisy Campbell) daughter Esther a few months ago, Emmerdale viewers have seen a darker side to Samson Dingle’s (played by Sam Hall) attitude.

In an effort to keep Amelia’s potential love interest Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) away, Samson has refused to build a relationship with his child. On the ITV soap, Samson will soon reveal a more sympathetic side.

Noah will attempt to persuade Amelia that her bump is likely not malignant in subsequent scenes.

She worries that if something happens to her, Esther will be left with Samson.

Noah says that despite his continued desire to be with her, the young mother is now feeling overpowered and unsure of her sentiments.

Later, Noah submits to Lydia’s questioning and informs her of Amelia’s lump.

When Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) heard how Samson responded, she was incensed and berated him for how he handled Amelia.

Sam Dingle (James Wootton), however, is sympathetic to Samson’s plight because it is obvious that Amelia’s ordeal has caused him to lose his own mother.

Samson is frustrated and worries about his daughter, but he acknowledges that he can’t be the father Sam has been to him.

The Emmerdale legend knows how difficult it must have been to grow up without a mother and is determined to assist his son Samson.

As a result of Amelia’s admission that she has missed him and wants to rekindle their relationship, Noah is left feeling incredibly cherished.

They make up, kiss, and appear determined to get through everything together.

The next day, Samson tries to make amends with Amelia, but she is too exhausted and weary to give him a chance.

Will Samson be able to explain his actions and help Amelia comprehend him?

Will he open out to Amelia about the source of his issues with abandonment?

It was suggested that Samson’s late mother Alice Dingle (Ursula Holden-Gill) abort the child so she could begin treatment right away.

In 2006, she disregarded medical advice and gave birth to Samson early.

Before she could form a link with him, he was sent to intensive care, which made Alice depressed.

Sadly, Alice stopped receiving treatment since her chemo wasn’t working.

Sam gave his wife an overdose of morphine in a tragic plot to assist her pass away after months of suffering.

Since then, Sam has been parenting Samson with Lydia’s assistance.

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