Emmerdale’s Sam Dingle in trouble as plan to support baby Esther backfires

The past few weeks have been trying for the Dingle family since Samson (played by Sam Hall) admitted to his dad Sam that he felt trapped by having a child at such a young age.

Emmerdale viewers will learn how far Sam will go to attempt to help baby Esther in scenes that will show next week, despite his own son’s problems with parenting.

Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell), who gave birth amid Emmerdale’s violent storm for its 50th anniversary, hasn’t had an easy time adjusting to parenting.

Despite giving birth to a healthy baby girl named Esther, the baby’s father Samson has made it quite apparent that he has no interest in the child.

By contacting social services and demanding a visit to ensure the infant was being cared for properly, the youngster even went to great efforts to attempt to have Esther taken away from Amelia’s care.

Viewers witnessed Samson’s own father Sam collapse and need to be taken to the hospital as the tension and rage of his predicament continued to grow.

Although he recovered quickly, scenes that would air the following week change the course of the conflict surrounding his desire to be a part of Esther’s life.

Samson keeps creating distance between Amelia and Noah Dingle, who has promised to care for Esther as his own and is her boyfriend (Jack Downham).

The lack of financial support for his family is a major problem for Amelia’s father Dan (Liam Fox), and Noah is devastated that his apprenticeship had to come to an end due to Marcus Dean’s (Darcy Grey) departure.

Amelia must try to locate someone to take after Esther while the troublemaker leaves to meet a potential new employer to help with money.

Later, he is furious to learn Samson has been caring for the child he had no interest in while he was hunting for job.

Samson continues to play with Noah while trying to win Amelia over, and Noah, who doesn’t trust his cousin, starts to wonder what Samson’s true motivations are.

But when Samson tricks Noah into promising a payment from his trust money in exchange for staying away from the baby and his fiancée, Noah is alarmed.

When Noah finally accepts the money and promises his cousin £2,000 to stay away from them both, Samson is delighted.

Sam is also discouraged when he wants to try and do more financially for his granddaughter.

Sam recommends to Cain (Jeff Hordley) that raising Dan’s pay will benefit Esther and Amelia.

Although Cain objects, he instead says that as a Dingle, he should attempt to think creatively in order to help the infant.

Sam pays attention to his advise and attempts to divert Eric Pollard in the store while stealing items for Esther, but he is caught off guard when Pollard confronts him.

Fearful, he runs away, but while being pursued, Pollard trips and smashes his head, knocking him out.

Sam is troubled by what he’s done and concerned about how he’ll get out of the situation as he looks down in horror at Pollard.

According to an Express.co.uk theory, Sam is left confronting the police while Pollard heals and explains the mishap to them in detail.

How will Samson respond when he learns that his father was arrested while attempting to provide for his daughter, despite the fact that he has made it apparent that he has no interest in her?

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