Emmerdale’s Sally Dexter ‘always knew’ Faith was back to die – and is sad she can’t ever return

Faith Dingle’s actor, Sally Dexter, has said how sad it makes her to be saying goodbye to both the character and her Emmerdale family as we get ready to say goodbye to her for the last time.

When it came to filming Faith’s dying moments, she recalls, “I found it really pretty poignant.” I understood that it meant that Faith’s and my time in Emmerdale had come to an end.

The actors experienced some happy moments while filming the sequences in which Faith resolves to terminate her life so that her cancer won’t rob her of the ability to make her own decisions.

Faith was/is an excellent lover of LIFE! Says Sally.

She believes that reenacting a truly joyous holiday at the seashore when Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) were children would be the ideal way to do it before saying goodbye to it with everyone she loves. But after another stumble, “the children” realize Faith is too frail to go.

They then resolve to bring the seaside to her with classic Dingle ingenuity! We were all aware that for the next week or two, we would be cleaning sand out of our shoes, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. We had a wonderful time!

Sally will miss the enjoyment of filming with the Emmerdale crew. She says, “I shall miss the fun, the beautiful scenery of Yorkshire, and the ability, talent, and dedication of the entire team of people I respect, love, and have enormous affection for.”

“I always knew Faith was going to die and come back.” My plan was to have her protect Cain and Chas from a knife or gun attack in the Woolie that was being directed at her kids by a crazy invader. I could picture Cain and Chas praising her as a hero as she slid down the bar’s side!

However, Jane (Hudson) and the team wanted to convey a far more significant and challenging story. I can only hope that we did everything we could to do justice.

Sally acknowledges the significance of the narrative but expresses grief about the death of her character.

She says, “I’m so upset that Faith can’t come back.” “It’s been good to be back.”

Sally suggests that she might have kept a few items from Faith’s wardrobe as keepsakes, suggesting that the character’s impeccable sense of style may still be alive today. She jokes, “If you see me on the street, you might recognize me wearing a few things.”

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