Emmerdale’s Roxy Shahidi’s life away from soap with Line of Duty star husband

Having played Leyla in the serial opera Emmerdale for around 14 years, Roxy Shahidi is one of the show’s most recognizable faces.

The 39-year-old moved to the village in Yorkshire to work at Eric Pollard’s factory, and she and David Metcalfe soon started dating. Once they discovered Leyla was Jacob’s biological mother, their relationship was strained and they ultimately parted ways with Farrers Farm.

Leyla briefly left the program in 2011, but she came back when Jacob sought to get in touch with her two years later.

The wedding planner and the local doctor, Liam Cavanagh, are now going through a divorce. Prior to Jacob getting seriously harmed, she had a drug issue that led to her being admitted to rehab.

Roxy is happily married to Line of Duty star Arsher Ali outside of Emmerdale. The third season of the popular BBC drama featured Arsher as PC Hari Bains.

Also, he made appearances in shows like The Fear Index and Doctor Who. Roxy was surprised when he proposed to her after just two weeks of getting to know each other while working on a theater performance in 2007.

She stated to the media: “He simply asked me to marry him while we were at a cast party. He said, “You will be my wife,” and when I didn’t respond, that was it. Because I didn’t know him all that well, I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“We hadn’t really spoken, but I knew he liked me. We hadn’t even shared a kiss. I split my attention between wanting to laugh and exclaim, “That is so silly,” and “Oooh, kiss me passionately.”

As was previously said, Roxy and Arsher got married three years later and now lead contented lives as a couple. In 2018, she gave birth to a girl.

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