Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden return ‘sealed’ as fans twig huge 50th anniversary twist

Ahead of Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary, fans are speculating that Robert Sugden might make a comeback to the ITV soap opera.

When he was condemned to a minimum of 14 years in jail for killing Lee Posner, a rapist who had previously sexually assaulted Victoria, Robert was last seen having his day in court.

Some are anticipating Victoria may have some success with the loophole she discovered that would see Robert released from prison as viewers get ready for a series of massive storylines to unfold in celebration of the soap opera’s 50th anniversary.

Viewers recently watched Victoria learn that Luke, her ex-partner and Lee’s brother, had gotten into a violent confrontation with him earlier on the day that Luke passed away.

He had been fighting, and as a result he had fallen, struck his head, and briefly lost consciousness.

Luke and Lee’s mother Wendy informed Luke and Lee about the revelation, which led Victoria to break off her connection with Luke.

Victoria has set her sights on making the new evidence public and attempting to free Robert from prison now that Luke has left the village.

On Reddit, one fan raved, saying: “I remember they had the whole short narrative of maybe getting Robert out of jail a little bit early.

“Ethan shot it down, but anything can be spun,” they said. Of course, I don’t anticipate him returning full-time, but might we at least have a brief encounter where they bring up the subject again?

Another remarked: “How strange. Recently, I have also wondered about this! Unfortunately, I can not perceive a gap in the plot that would allow him to return that quickly. But what if he makes an unexpected comeback that hasn’t been announced to any spoiler outlets?

Would be amazing to witness, especially given that it isn’t likely.

Victoria spoke with attorney Ethan Anderson in The Woolpack as part of her efforts to rescue Robert, and he told her that “the best she can hope for is that his sentence would be shortened.”

“Victoria grinned and added, “Well, it’s worth it then. Ethan responded, “I’m talking as short as a few months. Robert won’t be coming home any time soon, whatever happens.”

Victoria then advised Ethan to submit for the appeal and left to fetch a drink, but Ethan urged Diane to try and convince Victoria to change her mind by saying that there is only “a minuscule chance” that her plan will succeed.

The soap opera has already announced that Danny Miller will reprise his role as Aaron for the 50th anniversary.

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