Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk star details how character is set for ‘breaking point’

Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) of Emmerdale will struggle in upcoming scenes as her mother Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson), husband Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock), and ex-husband Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) all count on her for assistance.

“Rhona is feeling under pressure because all of the people she loves the most in the world are struggling with something personal and having a really hard time,” actress Zoe revealed.

“They’re burying their heads in the sand, refusing to deal with or discuss what’s going on for them.” She is overwhelmed and rather helpless.

“She is trying to help each of them individually while working at the vet clinic and raising her two children.” It’s quite relentless.”

Marlon, a stroke survivor, is frightened about getting behind the wheel for the first time since his stroke.

Meanwhile, Mary lies to her about her love life after a disastrous prior relationship, and Paddy avoids visiting his daughter Grace’s cemetery with Rhona.

To make matters worse, best buddies Marlon and Paddy have a major falling out as well.

“Mary is barely speaking to her, Paddy wriggles out of going to Grace’s grave with Rhona, then Marlon brings over ‘peace cookies’ as an apology for being grumpy about the driving,” Zoe continued.

“Seeing the three of them together, each stuck in their own gloom, pushes her over the edge.”

“It’s just too much.” At that very time, she makes the abrupt decision that they cannot continue in this manner!

“So they’re all going to confront what’s causing them all to be so unhappy.”

After forcing the trio to participate in a “face your fears day,” the villagers will all be forced to confront their problems.

“It’s exactly as it sounds,” Zoe said. Mary will go on a date, Marlon will drive through the village, and Paddy will pay a visit to Grace. “What could possibly go wrong?”

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