Emmerdale’s Priya leaves viewers distracted with daring outfit choice on ITV soap

During the most recent visit to the village, Emmerdale fan favorite Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) got some ITV viewers hot under the collar.

In the episode that aired on Friday, August 12, the Take A Vow wedding planner wore a stylish brown jacket over a scanty white vest.

She attempted to counsel her brother Jai Sharma (Chris Boyson) when he disclosed his intentions to reconcile with Laurel Thomas.

However, Priya’s wardrobe choice diverted attention away from the siblings’ time together.

Priya was leaning forward just then, and an admirer said on Twitter, “drool.”

“Priya back to her very best,” said another.

Move the coffee cup prop, Priya, wrote a third user.

Priya received appreciation from viewers in recent scenes when she openly displayed her scars at Rhona Goskirk’s (Zoe Henry) and Marlon Dingle’s (Mark Charnock) wedding.

Since being severely injured in the maze fire in graphic images last October, she has struggled with both her mental health and appearance.

Since then, fans have witnessed numerous times how challenging it is for her to adjust to the physical changes brought on by the scars.

She was recently overcome with anxiety when a photographer wanted to take her picture and at the HOP wedding display, and she had to run outside when a picture of her in a sleeveless, low-back dress, showing her skin as it formerly was, appeared on the screen.

She bumped across Marlon, and the two became friends over their sadness at no longer being the same physical persons they once were.

Following his stroke, Marlon vowed to put in a lot of effort to be able to escort Rhona down the aisle at their wedding.

He wanted Priya to be there to support him in return. No coat, he said to her.

Priya had to choose if she could carry out the agreement she made with Marlon as the day of his wedding approached.

She anxiously awaited Marlon’s arrival outside the chapel.

He arrived in his wheelchair but was pleased and eager about finally getting married to the lady he loves. He had personal issues that caused him to be late for the wedding.

Priya afterwards took off her jacket and confidently danced at the wedding reception, demonstrating that she would no longer allow her scars to negatively impact her life.

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