Emmerdale’s pregnant Amelia confirms father of her baby – but fans ‘work out’ lie

Since Amelia Spencer confided in Charity Dingle on Wednesday night, Emmerdale may have revealed the identity of the baby’s father.

She was directly questioned about if a specific teen male was the father, to which she responded negatively.

But Charity was apparently duped by the expression on her face, which seemed to suggest Noah Dingle was the father.

Amelia started to explain herself when Charity interrupted and yelled at her as she expressed her shock at the circumstances.

Amelia complied with Charity’s request to keep the identity of the baby’s father a secret for the time being as the episode continued.

After Amelia unexpectedly began to visit Noah in prison and made hints to him about the baby, viewers began to speculate that Noah might be the father.

Since then, Samson Dingle and Heath Hope have both been suggested as the father, but up to this point, Amelia hasn’t given any names.

Amelia denied having been pushed into having sex when Charity questioned her about Noah’s recent sinister behavior with Chloe Harris.

The frightened mother then pleaded with Amelia to assure her that Noah wasn’t the one who caused her to become pregnant.

“No, it’s not Noah,” Amelia retorted before pulling a face and appearing to be lying.

As soon as Charity said, “Oh my God, it’s Noah, isn’t it,” Amelia started to answer but was interrupted.

Although viewers had not previously seen the youngster romantically involved with Noah or any other boy, it now appears that Noah may be the father after all.

However, some viewers believe Amelia may be telling the truth when she says Noah is the father, or possibly there has been some confusion.

Fans who thought it might still be Samson flocked to Twitter to share their theories that it was someone else.

A viewer stated: “Don’t assume Noah owns it. too simple. Definitely someone who will surprise everyone.”

Another chimed in: “I think it will end up being Samson. I think Noah being the dad is too clear.”

Another remarked: “Lying methinks,” while a third said: “‘It’s not Noah’ ‘oh god it is Noah’ Oh Charity.”

The news coincides with the disclosure of Charity Dingle’s genuine motivations for visiting the abortion facility.

Charity was overheard discussing her desire for an abortion while discussing her own pregnancy with a clinic over the phone.

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