Emmerdale’s Paige Sandhu feared ITV director thought she was ‘bad’ in Meena role

When Paige Sandhu first joined the Emmerdale cast, she admitted she used to fear the director thought she was “terrible.”

The 25-year-old actress gained notoriety for her terrifying depiction of ITV soap opera serial killer Meena Julta.

Leanna Cavanagh was the first victim of the Dales’ evil nurse Meena’s carnage. She then killed Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker before being apprehended and given a 75-year prison term.

However, the fantastic actress acknowledged that she once struggled with her confidence on stage and worried about what the other cast members thought of her.

At the 2022 TRIC Awards, Paige granted Daily Star an exclusive interview in which she discussed her portrayal of the murderous Meena, her development as an actor, and the parts she hopes to land in the future.

At the opulent awards ceremony held at the Grosvenor House hotel in London, the celebrity was nominated in the Soap Actor category.

Paige responded when asked about the difficulties she encountered while portraying Meena: “The most difficult thing was that we were working constantly, and because of the nature of the show, there are six episodes per week, so we were just working all the time and then prepping at home, so that was exhausting but I love it.”

Paige continued by sharing the most important lesson she discovered while playing the bad guy.

“At first, I was very concerned about my performance,” she admitted. Worried about what the director, the other performers, and the audience would think of me, I learnt to trust my gut and gain confidence, which inevitably improved me.

Paige responded, “I adore portraying villains. I’d want to play more villains in the future.

For the rest of my life, I want to play a villain. Additionally, I simply enjoy things that are incredibly unique.

I want something I can really get my teeth into. something that is difficult. Simply put, in my opinion, it relies on the writing and story.

Playing Meena made me feel incredibly content. I want that sensation to return. Having that would be the ideal.

Paige also made a suggestion that the upcoming “largest year yet” in the history of Emmerdale will mark the soap’s 50th anniversary in October.

When asked about her ideal scenario for the show, Paige said, “Oh, wow! You know, I feel like everything in Emmerdale has happened.

because drama occurs in Emmerdale and it has been on for so long.

But I’m looking forward to the 50th since I know they have a lot planned and this will be the biggest year yet.

Paige alerted OK! She said she’d be pleased to see the murderer get away with her crimes and that she’d love to come back as Meena.

She uttered: “Oh my God, I want her to get away with it of course. Will that happen even though I love her? The unknown.”

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