Emmerdale’s Paige Sandhu describes actress Helena Bonham Carter as ‘one of my heroes’

She adored the 18 months she spent portraying a serial killer, which resulted in numerous nominations and TV awards.

Paige Sandhu, a former star of Emmerdale, has aspirations for other absurd screen roles and aspires to follow in Helena Bonham Carter’s footsteps.

Paige portrayed Meena Jutla, who was convicted of killing Ben Tucker, Andrea Tate, and Leanna Cavanagh in the Yorkshire Dales and is currently serving a life sentence.

Oscar-nominated In the spooky 2007 film Sweeney Todd, directed by her ex-husband Tim Burton, Helena, 56, played a murderer who baked pies out of dead people.

I really like portraying a serial murderer, Paige, 25, said. Meena can be a little childlike and is hilarious.

Because of her unpredictability, some individuals may find themselves pulling for her to get away with her crimes so they can observe her more.

There are some TV personalities that I enjoy watching. I despise the main character of the Netflix series You, but I also love him, and I want to keep watching him do horrible things.

I enjoy playing bad guys so much that I would do it forever. I mostly want to perform roles for characters that I find fascinating, challenging, and satisfying.

“Henrya Bonham Carter’s career is incredibly encouraging to me since she chooses people that are so unique and very distinct from each other. I really appreciate weird characters.

“They have a peculiar quality that I love. She ranks among my heroes. A Tim Burton movie role would be amazing for me.

Paige has received numerous proposals for reality TV shows ever since she left Emmerdale in April.

It’s scary leaving the show because security is such a great asset, but I want to keep playing other characters so that I can continue to challenge myself.

“I would have been content if I had continued to play Meena for the rest of my life, but I would also have yearned to pursue other things.

I’ve been asked to participate in a reality program, but I can’t reveal which one, and I’m not.

I’m such a home girl, I don’t know if I could go over and do a pilot season, she said, adding that she wouldn’t turn down a Hollywood offer.

Prior to being chosen to play the evil nurse Meena in Emmerdale in 2020, Paige debuted her acting career with performances in Doctors and Endeavour.

She claims that in order to preserve her mental health, she has avoided reading comments made about her acting on social media.

After watching the first episode of Emmerdale, Paige said: “I checked Twitter. The comments weren’t very good, so I made a choice from then on to never do that again.

“I was thinking that this was bad for both my mental health and my confidence in my ability to do my work.

I have greatly benefited from it, and I feel that other people’s opinions of me are none of my business; that is their concern, and I don’t need to be aware of everyone else’s viewpoint.

In the present, Paige declares her determination to obtain a role “where the writing quality is amazing,” adding, “I’ve got something lined up, so watch this space.”

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