Emmerdale’s Nicky to turn against Caleb Milligan as fans ‘work out’ ultimate betrayal

Fans were shocked to learn that Nicky (played by Lewis Cope) was actually Caleb Milligan’s (Will Ash) son in recent Emmerdale scenes. Additionally shocking the audience was Caleb’s visit to Frank Tate’s (Norman Bowler) grave. Although the two haven’t yet made clear their complete motives, it’s assumed they plan to rob Kim Tate (Claire King) of her home farm, Home Farm.

When Caleb attempted to interfere with Gabby Thomas’ (Rosie Bentham) company on Thursday’s episode of Emmerdale, she got worried.

The nanny smiled at his dad as he passed past Nicky as he attempted to soothe her.

“Are all of the Hop accounts up to date?” “You don’t have to be involved in the Hop,” Gabby retorted as Caleb pressed his question.

Kim claimed that you are exclusively responsible for the stud farm.

Caleb joked, “She wants me and Will to know everything.”

Gabby inquired, “That’s not what I heard,” to which Caleb said, “We could always give her a ring to check.

When you’re ready, bring this through to the lounge.

I asked, “Who does he think he is?” Nicky heard Gabby’s ranting. How could he talk about me like that, The Hop should be my and Thomas’.

“Come on,” Nicky urged. “It’s just for a few weeks.”

“But is it, though?” As she voiced her suspicions, Gabby enquired. “You think he’ll step aside when Kim gets back?”

Since it was discovered that Caleb and Nicky were related, people have made their own guesses about what will happen next.

One fan made the weird revenge-twist prediction on the Emmerdale soap opera fan page, Nicky would turn on his father.

Speculating, Sally Harrington said, “I think Nicky will turn against Caleb.”

Other fans have made their own forecasts, with one speculating that Gabby Thomas will become pregnant through Nicky.

“I refuse to believe Kim Tate is not in charge & all over this Caleb/Nicky shenanigan,” user @MichZiff wrote on Twitter. Kim, don’t try to disprove me. Being foolish is not in the plan, so I won’t be happy. #Emmerdale.” (sic)

“Nicky pilling the threats on Caleb #Emmerdale,” tweeted @RyanTheSoapking.

They continued, “Kim’s got her complete doubts over Nicky; she simply needs to develop suspicions against Caleb now. #Emmerdale.”

I wonder whether Gabby will become pregnant with Nicky’s child. whether so, that would be a turning point for Nicky because he would fall in love with Gabby and go against his father to expose the truth so he wouldn’t lose contact with her or their child. Nicky Miligan, Gabby Thomas, and Emmerdale. (sic)

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