Emmerdale’s Nate Robinson exposes Mackenzie Boyd’s big secret

In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, Nate Robinson causes Mackenzie Boyd a lot of trouble (October 3).

While having a beer and playing video games with Ryan and Mackenzie Stocks, Nate speaks too much.

Drinks are flowing, and everyone is in a good mood when Nate cracks a poor joke about Mackenzie cheating on Ryan’s mother Charity Dingle.

Nate immediately recognizes his error, but it might already be too late because Ryan is asking for an explanation.

Ryan keeps pressing for information, and despite Nate and Mack’s best efforts to retract their statements, the truth eventually comes to light.

When Ryan commands Mack to do the right thing by telling Charity everything, Mack feels imprisoned.

When Mack cheated on Charity following a disagreement over their future, Emmerdale started this plot in August.

Mack believed that their relationship had reached its breaking point, but when Charity later made peace with him, he felt bad for acting so hastily.

Since then, Mack’s unidentified girlfriend has repeatedly texted and called him, which he has done his best to ignore.

This person’s identity has not yet been confirmed by the ITV soap opera, but it will be shown this week.

Recently, Charity’s actress, Emma Atkins, was asked if Mack could be pardoned for sleeping with someone else.

“I think Charity is well aware in certain ways that her own world isn’t black and white,” she remarked.

“She has previously used Mackenzie to harm Vanessa in the same way. They both recognize their human frailty and innate tendency toward mischief, so to speak. The fact that they had this joyful accident [the pregnancy] and it went wrong with this, though, may make it more shocking.

“In some respects, it bound them together, so I imagine Charity learning the truth would be extremely surprising, but she’s no fool. She has previously cheated on people. Therefore, it’s somewhat her domain.

“But I can’t defend this aspect of my character, which uses double standards. She responds extremely differently when it’s her experience!”

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