Emmerdale’s Nate harrowing fate ‘sealed’ as Naomi romance sparks concern

As Naomi Anderson demonstrates her “possessive” traits, Emmerdale viewers appear to believe Nate Robinson could be in serious trouble.

In the most recent ITV soap opera episode, Naomi seemed rather upset that Nate had planned a family outing with his ex Tracy Metcalfe and their child.

Tracy was rather perplexed when she realized that her ex had obviously moved on after being taken aback by the sight of Nate and Naomi together.

However, as Naomi and Nate’s family were being discussed, fans later saw that Naomi was also acting in a domineering manner, which led some viewers to speculate that a domestic abuse scenario might be in the works.

Twitter was used by viewers to express their opinions.

Someone wrote: “Eliminate jealously possessive Naomi from Emmerdale. However, it may be a fresh plot to demonstrate how powerfully dominating women can be. It might develop into Female to Male DV. like Ty’s episode of Corrie.”

One more said: “Naomi must be removed by Nate. You have a child; you cannot have someone acting in this manner.”

A third disgruntled reader wrote: “Naomi is leaving #emmerdale when? Her plot is terrible.”

Not all villagers have accepted Naomi since she moved into the community.

Viewers recently learned that Naomi was a bystander during Nicola’s attack earlier this year.

Although she wasn’t a part of the violent encounter, Naomi admitted to knowing the women who assaulted the victim.

Naomi was confronted by Nicola, who said to her: “I lost every shred of dignity I had. You come in here now and tell me you made the correct decision. You are nothing more than a bully without any morals who has been caught red-handed.

“It’s not something you can just walk away from. I want you to endure pain just as I did. Every minute of watching it will be enjoyable for me.

However, the females falsely claimed Naomi was participating, which got her into problems and resulted in an arrest for GBH.

In tonight’s episode, Nicola made the decision to denounce Charles, Naomi’s father, to the Bishop in order to enlist his assistance.

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