Emmerdale’s Nate and Tracy to ‘reunite’ as Amy Walsh returns for 50th anniversary

A get-together could be on the cards for Emmerdale’s Nate Robinson and Tracy Metcalfe as Amy Walsh gets back to the ITV cleanser one week from now.

Tracy was most recently seen in the town in January of this current year after entertainer Amy went on maternity pass on to invite her most memorable kid with previous EastEnders entertainer Toby-Alexander Smith.

New ITV spoilers uncover that Tracy will make her hotly anticipated get back with her young girl Frankie one week from now.

Since Tracy left, Nate (Jurell Carter) has hit up a relationship with novice Naomi Walters – who was as of late captured for her contribution in the assault on Nicola Ruler (Nicola Wheeler).

One week from now, Nate guarantees Naomi (Karene Peter) that he’ll show up for her request hearing yet he is before long occupied by somebody and doesn’t stay true to his commitment.

Nate’s paralyzed when he gets a brief look at Tracy and Frankie from the Woolpack Lager Nursery and rapidly surges over to welcome them.

New spoiler pictures show Nate having a nestle with his little girl Frankie, yet will he educate Tracy regarding his new sentiment with Nicola?

Later on in the week, there’s a feeling that Nate’s affections for Tracy have been stirred yet will he tell her how he truly feels? Also, how will Naomi respond assuming that she finds out?

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