Emmerdale’s Naomi ‘exposed as Nicola’s attacker’ after crucial clues unearthed

Emmerdale airs a curve one week from now, as Naomi Walters’ mystery gives off an impression of being uncovered – as well as her significant connection to another resident.

Nicola King is stunned as she meets the rookie interestingly, just to think they’ve met previously.

A couple of pieces of information, as indicated by spoilers, seem to uncover Naomi as being at the scene where Nicola was gone after recently.

Nicola was insulted and thrashed by a gathering of little kids, and left bloodied and wounded on the floor.

One of the young ladies, whose face wasn’t shown, was seen drawing closer a harmed Nicola and saying “sorry”, before they excessively hurried off.

From that point forward, Nicola has needed equity in the wake of attempting to recuperate from her trial. One week from now, it appears she at long last encounters one of the young ladies who were there that day, and it’s a natural face.

As Naomi approaches Nicola in the bistro, Nicola is promptly terrified when she perceives Naomi’s voice as being one of the young ladies. That, however she likewise perceives Naomi’s coaches as those having a place with the young lady who remained over her as she was scarcely cognizant on the ground.

In any case, is Naomi going to be uncovered as one of the aggressors, or somebody who held on and watched it occur without aiding her? Or on the other hand will it be an instance of mixed up way of life as shoes aren’t exactly sufficient to demonstrate she was there.

One way or the other, watchers should tune in the following week to see whether Nicola is correct, and on the off chance that Naomi has been concealing a dull mystery. Watchers had conjectured the bend weeks prior after Naomi’s appearance on the show, while she has since chosen to get to know her dad Charles Anderson and her sibling Ethan.

Taking to Twitter, one fan expressed: “Hold on until Nicola sees Naomi was with the pack who went after her.” Another anticipated: “What’s the wagering Naomi ends up being something to do with those young ladies who went after Nicola?”

A third watcher tweeted: “Naomi is so discourteous! I defo think she was one of the young ladies who went after Nicola.” This was reverberated by one more watcher who said: “That showdown there truly validated my premonitions Naomi was engaged with Nicola’s assault.”

A fifth watcher inquired: “Any other person feel that Charles’ girl, Naomi, will end up being one of Nicola’s assailants??”

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