Emmerdale’s mysterious Nicky makes life-changing decision ahead of Gabby ‘twist’

Recent covert relationships between the two people resulted in Kim Tate, the owner of Home Farm, rumbling them.

Thomas, the infant son of Gabby, was being cared for by Nicky as the new nanny. Kim will continue to be enraged by the couple’s mingling of business and pleasure in upcoming scenes.

With new leaks confirming Nicky proposes to Gabby, there is a shock in store amid a hypothesis about Nicky’s true identity.

Although having only known one another for a few months, Nicky proposes, and Gabby says yes right away.

When Kim refuses to approve of Gabby’s marriage to Nicky, Gabby threatens to cut Kim out from Thomas’ life. What will Kim say?

While keeping mum about his true intentions, Nicky actor Lewis Cope implied that his character might be with Gabby for more than one reason.

Well, he does appear to be really interested in Gabby, he remarked. He has motives for wanting to be with her, and they will all finally become clear.

Continuing, he said, “I think Nicky has got a lot going on, and maybe with it being a soap there is more” in reference to whether his character was keeping something secret.

He continued, “The fan theories have been wonderful. There have been a lot of hypotheses about Nicky having a secret identity and potentially being related to another character.

It was interesting to see how other people interpreted the circumstance and the character, and it was entertaining to see the craziness that others came up with.

Recently, fans conjectured that the character was connected to fellow newbie Caleb Miligan and that they were planning to attack Kim Tate and Home Farm.

Additional hypotheses included Jamie Tate or Joe Tate being the father of Gabby’s infant boy Thomas and Nicky working for them in a revenge plot.

While the drama has not yet confirmed anything, fans are confident that the character is up to something and is using Gabby.

Nevertheless, in December, his superiors teased that he might be hiding something and that not everything might be as it seems.

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