Emmerdale’s Moira betrays Cain and 6 more big soap moments airing this week

1. Emmerdale: Moira joins forces with Caleb

Moira follows with her instinct and accepts Caleb’s offer of assistance this week despite worrying that Cain might never talk to her again. The visitor urges that Kyle should claim that he killed Al to save his father, and Moira thinks that this is the wisest course of action.

However, Cain is furious and cannot believe they are using Caleb’s attorneys to represent Kyle when the two show up at the prison to tell him about their scheme. Cain lunges at his brother out of his rage, prompting a guard to step in and stop him.

Moira worries that her husband has blown his last opportunity at freedom after the outburst, but Caleb is unfazed by their failure.

When Chas finally meets Kyle in person back in the village after discovering the truth, she is devastated to hear her nephew’s sincere remorse for his crimes.

Liam decides to pay Cain a visit in an effort to persuade him to reconsider his mind because Amy is finding it difficult to witness Kyle being shunned. Unfortunately, Liam is forced to concede defeat since the obstinate Dingle won’t budge.

2. Coronation Street: Max makes a shocking discovery

Max is becoming more and more enmeshed in Griff’s world of far-right activism as a result of leaving home to live with him.

As Maria prepares to rename the Christmas market as a Peace Festival, Griff tricks Spider into going to his apartment.

A little while later, Spider receives a text from Max urging him to meet immediately. However, Griff approaches and knocks Spider out with a crowbar.

Max worries that something is wrong when he sees the Speed Daal van on Victoria Street after being told by Griff that it was at the bottom of the canal as Maria and her group of assistants put up all the stalls.

Max insists they need to call the police when Lauren receives a call from her dad telling her to avoid the market. Is it now too late for them, though?

3. EastEnders: Phil is out for revenge

Phil rings in the New Year at Peggy’s with his loved ones, and the year starts off well for him. However, the atmosphere suddenly changes in 2023, prompting him to issue a grave warning.

After taking back control, jubilant Phil plans a lunch for the Mitchell family, while others are quietly incensed.

Later, at the club, Billy’s world implodes as a result of a startling revelation from the past, and Phil returns to his warpath after realizing he has been duped. The Walford top dog takes matters into his own hands, but quickly grows desperate, leading him to accept assistance from an unlikely source.

4. Emmerdale: Jacob catches Leyla out

Leyla is under stress at work, and Liam is making things worse by attempting to hasten their divorce. When she learns of Liam’s Christmas kiss with Bernice, a dispute breaks out. Leyla refuses to listen to the doctor’s attempts to defend himself and yells at him to leave her alone.

Leyla is in trouble and looks through her baggage for a fix, but she restrains herself from calling her former dealer, Callum. However, the temptation proves to be too much after a rough day at Take A Vow, and she makes the call.

As the two meet by a bridge and complete the transaction, a tense Callum is suspicious, believing Leyla is preparing a trap.

Leyla returns to Tug Ghyll, but when Jacob enters and sees her using once more, she is caught in the act. The youngster devises a plan to assist after learning of his mother’s recurrence.

5. Coronation Street: Stephen faces a new threat

Stephen worries when Leo’s father unexpectedly regains consciousness while Stephen and Jenny are visiting Teddy in the hospital.

Teddy can’t recall anything that happened before the accident, according to the doctors, so Jenny invites him to stay at The Rovers while he recovers, sending Stephen into a complete frenzy.

6. EastEnders: Tragedy strikes at the Slaters’

While Jean hides away in her bedroom fearing that Harvey would change his mind, the Slaters’ New Year’s Eve celebration is in full gear when Eve is startled to see her ex-lover Suki show up at the party with Nish.

Eve accepts the couple’s offer of a bottle of whiskey and urges them to stay while making an effort to get to know Nish.

Later, as the clock approaches midnight, catastrophe strikes when Jean abruptly faints in Stacey’s arms, Lily passes out in the hallway, and Eve slumps to the floor unconscious.

When paramedics arrive on the scene, they order everyone inside the house to leave because there has been a carbon monoxide leak.

Nish fears the Slaters may sue over the suspect boiler as word of the nearly fatal incident spreads, so she pressures Ben into making a deal on The Arches.

The landlord’s diversionary strategies disgust Harvey, who publicly chastises him for them.

The Health and Safety Investigator calls Suki in another location and says they know who is to blame for the boiler.

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