Emmerdale’s Meena return for 50th anniversary teased as fans ‘work out’ prison escape

Emmerdale executives have made hints that a murder may occur during the soap’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Many fans have speculated that Meena Jutla, a convicted serial murderer, may make a surprise appearance.

This October, the 1972-starting ITV soap opera will commemorate its 50th birthday with a whole month of stories, one of which will feature a devastating storm that would “tear through the village and absolutely leave a big trail of destruction in its wake.”

Producers of Emmerdale Jane Hudson and Kate Brooks were questioned about the possibility that the storm could hide a murder while speaking exclusively to the media.

Both Jane and Kate acknowledged that the storm might conceal a homicide and made suggestions that a killer might be at large during the 50th anniversary festivities.

There is always a chance of a murder in Emmerdale, according to Jane. It is well known for its homicides.

Because it is Emmerdale, a murderer is almost always waiting around the next bend.

Fans believe they already know who the suspected murderer is—Meena—but neither Jane nor Kate would say.

Fans believe Meena will escape prison and return to exact revenge on the Dale family on the 50th anniversary later this year, despite the fact that she was found guilty of three murders earlier this year. One fan even posted on social media: “Maybe she’ll escape.”

“Is her escape the plan for #Emmerdale50,” a second remarked. “Please don’t claim she will pop up in October during the anniversary week by possibly escaping prison,” said a third.

Another supporter added: “As soon as you believe it is finally finished, surprise! For a few more months, her narrative is told.”

In an episode that aired the night before her imprisonment, Meena herself appeared to imply that her reign of terror had not ended (April 15, 2022).

Before biting menacingly at the prison guard, she was heard saying: “So many great memories, and so many more just waiting to be made, starting tomorrow with the whole world watching.”

Could Meena pose a threat to the residents of Emmerdale once more? The waiting game will begin for viewers.

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