Emmerdale’s Meena actress Paige Sandhu returns with co-stars in big win for ITV soap

Emmerdale Paige Sandhu, the actress of the Meena television series, made a beautiful comeback on Wednesday when she attended the TRIC Awards while wearing a see-through, lacey black couture dress.

As she accepted the award for Best Soap alongside the rest of the current Emmerdale cast, Paige reconnected with some of her old co-stars.

Fans rejoiced at the sight of Paige returning with her former cast in the designer Maison Valentino outfit, which had previously been worn on the red carpet by Emma Watson.

In fact, a lot of people were clamoring for Paige to play Meena in the ITV soap once more in order to spice things up.

What an amazing delight to wear Maison Valentino to the Trica Awards, Paige Sandhu informed her followers.

I appreciate you very much.

And she received swift support from her supporters. “Literally a fashion icon,” stated Geoallie.

Wow, Paige X, you look gorgeous, said Mark Lindsay.

“When you coming back on Emmerdale, it’s boring without you,” Hewis Hamilton added.

SalehAhmed07 continued, “May I say that people really enjoy the constant optimism you have in all your tales, posts, and Instagram videos.

Nothing but a smile on your face at all times. I hope it’s okay if fans DM and comment on you.

Fans also noted that Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, had previously worn the identical dress. That is what Emma Watson wore in 2010 to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 premiere, according to Ianedmonds2.

The ITV serial also received fantastic news when it won Soap of the Year at the Tric Awards today.

The official Emmerdale Twitter feed tweeted: “We succeeded! the Tric Awards UK’s Soap of the Year winners.”

The Television and Radio Industries Club, which founded the TRIC Awards, set out to support charitable causes in 1931.

Rosie Bentham and Daisy Campbell, who recently made headlines in a dramatic bikini-clad vacation to Ibiza where they were both robbed, liked the post.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, who won best morning TV show for ITV’s This Morning, were among the other TRIC Award winners.

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