Emmerdale’s Mary Goskirk tries to kiss Vanessa Woodfield in surprising new scenes

In some unexpected new scenes, Vanessa Woodfield’s character Mary Goskirk will attempt to kiss her.

Viewers may recall that Mary told Kim Tate last month that she was a lesbian while also sharing her heartbreaking tale of a broken heart.

Kim was supportive of Mary’s admission and urged her to open up to Rhona about her sexuality, but when Mary did finally tell Rhona the truth, she didn’t quite get the response she had hoped for.

Rhona was shocked by the information and questioned whether her entire family was based on lies. Even worse, without Mary’s consent, she outed her mother’s sexual orientation in public.

In upcoming scenes, Mary confides in Vanessa—who is presently dating Suzy—about her sexual orientation.

Mary, however, misinterprets Vanessa’s offer of assistance as anything more and goes in to kiss her, making Vanessa feel ashamed.

Rhona is devastated later when her mother confides in her about the circumstance. Are Mary and Vanessa able to resolve this?

She added, “It’s terrible for Mary.” “It deeply wounds her. She feels offended and anxious. Mary feels lost as a result of it.

“Rhona’s initial reaction is one of feeling as though she has been misled her entire life. But it doesn’t take her long to change her mind and conclude that, rather than criticizing her mother, she should instead be supporting her.

In addition, Jameson praised the plot and its poignancy for a character like Mary who comes from a generation where “even gay people are taught to be homophobic.”

She added: “It takes a lot of courage to speak out because prejudice can be pervasive. The scenes are written so exquisitely.”

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