Emmerdale’s Marlon and Rhona wedding day chaos as tragic health battle strikes

Marlon Dingle and Rhona Goskirk from Emmerdale have been going through a difficult time since since the Woolpack chef’s sudden stroke earlier this year.

The pair, who are still committed to getting married, have encountered numerous obstacles.

But as the moment for their wedding finally comes closer, will Marlon be able to arrive at the church in plenty of time?

Marlon makes every effort to get up at his impromptu stag party, but his legs give up and he collapses on the ground.

In response to Paddy’s suggestion that Marlon visit the hospital for a checkup after noticing the ruckus, Marlon says he should be kept out of Rhona’s loop and agrees.

Later, at the hospital, a very distraught Marlon receives a shocking announcement from the doctor: “You’ll have to stay in because the results indicate an extremely high blood pressure.”

On the morning of the wedding, Rhona is overjoyed but unaware of Marlon’s condition.

Marlon is completely perplexed when the doctor at the hospital informs him that his blood pressure measurements are still too high for him to be released just yet.

They both become agitated by the news and start to panic as Paddy tries to calm Marlon.

Rhona can sense that something is off despite Mary and Vanessa’s best efforts to stop her from going to church.

Rhona waits patiently, hoping that Marlon will show up at the church, while Vanessa attempts to soothe her and keep her calm.

Priya suddenly feels a wave of relief as Paddy propels a determined Marlon in his customized wedding wheelchair in her direction; they are both gorgeously attired in their wedding clothes.

Rhona deduces that something must be wrong with Marlon prior to Paddy having an opportunity to break through the doors. But just as she starts to lose hope, Paddy wheeled Marlon into the church.

Everyone is moved as Marlon and Rhona renew wedding vows in light of the recent events between the two.

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