Emmerdale’s Mark Jordon lashes out at ‘fake b*******’ over false account

Star of Emmerdale Mark Jordan has alerted followers to a fake Instagram account posing as his manager.

The Daz Spencer actor, who is also dating Laura Norton from Emmerdale, posted about the account on social media and shared a screenshot of the texts that were being sent to users.

He wrote, “This very odd person is posing as my business manager.”

She is not, and I do not have one, but the idea that she will make friends with people under my name disturbs me. phony and dangerous. Do not interact; instead, report.

And in the second post, Mark stated: “This is what she’s sending, please please do not fall for her fake bull****.” This post described the type of message the account is sending to victims. I’m grateful.

Thankfully, it appears the account has been deleted as a result of Mark’s advice to his followers to report and block them.
Back in March 2023, Mark and his partner Laura (Kerry Wyatt from Emmerdale) discussed the Usher syndrome diagnosis of their newborn baby.

The couple’s two children, Jesse and Ronnie, who were born in October 2022 and October 2022, respectively, have the uncommon genetic disease that impairs both hearing and vision.

When Laura and Mark made the news public in February, she said that they had first noticed something was off when Jesse failed hearing tests in 2021.

On a Loose Women episode, Laura said, “My intuition told me there was a serious problem and I was in tears at the thought of it.”

However, it wasn’t until Laura was expecting their second child that they discovered it was exactly Usher syndrome.

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP), an eye condition, and deafness or hearing loss are two conditions associated with Usher syndrome. It occasionally also leads to balance issues.

Usher syndrome is typically diagnosed in children or teenagers, and while there is no known cure, there are treatments available to assist manage balance, vision, and hearing issues.

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