Emmerdale’s Mark Charnock hints divorce is on the cards for Marlon and Rhona

Marlon Dingle and Rhona Goskirk, two Emmerdale veterans, moved the crowd to tears last month when they exchanged vows in the community church.

ITV soap viewers believe the couple is content with life as newlyweds because they have disappeared from view in recent weeks.

However, Mark Charnock has suggested that the adored couple’s marriage might end in divorce.

After experiencing a stroke in March, the Emmerdale chef has had a difficult time.

Marlon proposed to Rhona recently, and she has supported him throughout his healing process.

Marlon nearly missed his own wedding because he spent the night in the hospital, but his best buddy Paddy Kirk helped him get at the chapel on time.

Emmerdale viewers sobbed as Marlon found the will to get out of his wheelchair and walk down the aisle to Rhona in their wedding special.

Even though he arrived for his wedding reception, he and Rhona departed the festivities early because he was worn out and needed to relax.

Recently, the plotlines of other characters have taken center stage, although Marlon actor Mark has hinted that his romance with Rhona would end badly.

He told the reporters that their union might dissolve as soon as “next week.”

If they are unable to overcome obstacles, may this imply that the pair will divorce?

However, Mark did claim that of the five marriages his character has had, the one he had with Rhona was the greatest.

The difference with this one, according to Mark, is that they have a lengthy history and have previously endured a great deal of hardship, creating a kind of fertile ground from which this family can flourish.

“They have experienced situations that may destroy relationships, let alone friendships. The fact that they are still there is quite encouraging.

The actress who portrays Emmerdale vet Rhona, Zoe, responded to a query regarding the couple’s future by saying, “I love this question, because you can say they’re good, but in two years, one of us will be dead or a lesbian with someone else.

Though who knows, in my thoughts I believe they are soulmates.

Leo Goskirk, their child, has, according to Zoe, kept them together for the past ten years.

She claimed that because it lends their connection weight on the film, “audiences like history.”

Recently, the couple celebrated April, Marlon’s daughter, turning 13 years old.

She reasoned that playing a great joke on Rhona and Marlon by claiming to have become a cranky teenager over night would be amusing.

After a while, April said that she was only having fun, and she is still the obedient daughter that the audience has come to know and love.

She has supported Marlon while he heals from his stroke and helped him realize that, despite his feelings of helplessness, he still had a role to play as her father.

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