Emmerdale’s Manpreet Sharma struggles with Charles Anderson’s tragic secret

In upcoming moments on Emmerdale, Manpreet Sharma will strive to conceal the awful truth about Charles Anderson.

Victor died last week while attempting to flee the town despite being the main suspect in the theft of Manpreet’s necklace, which was a heartbreaking incident that Charles had to see.

Manpreet was surprised to see Charles so distraught about the loss of his father because she had assumed he loathed him. Then he admitted to her that in order to get Victor into trouble and out of the community, he had actually planted the jewelry in his pocket.

He had believed Victor was lying when he said he had an unruptured aneurysm and was unaware that it was the fact. He had never intended for it to result in his father’s death.

Mother Claudette was also devastated and, unaware of Charles’s true deeds, believed that Victor had brought “shame” on the family in an apparent final act of deception.

Charles said, “I’ll lose everything,” as Manpreet prodded him to confess. my relatives. In the church, I belong. How did I behave?

Following the death of his father, in brand-new scenes for the soap opera, Charles attends a religious retreat and is relieved to be gone, especially given his guilt.

Claudette admits that she needs her son’s assistance more than she previously informed him as she battles with her grief over Victor’s passing while he is gone.

Manpreet feels bad as she keeps his secret a secret, but will she be able to keep quiet about the truth?

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