Emmerdale’s Mandy distracts ITV viewers as fans spot unexpected item in her salon

Mandy Dingle used a crowbar to open a cabinet at the beauty salon during Tuesday night’s episode of Emmerdale (16 August), which took viewers off guard.

Mandy was feeling a little suspicious since she was convinced Sandra Flaherty was keeping something from her in the salon.

Mandy took it upon herself to check the cabinet after trying to express her misgivings to Bernice Blackstock but couldn’t get rid of her thoughts about Sandra.

But when Mandy used a crowbar to unlock the salon storeroom, she shocked onlookers.

As they rushed to Twitter, followers discussed the peculiar scene.

Every decent hairdresser has a crowbar under the counter, according to one commenter.

“You know are a Dingle when you’ve got a crowbar behind a salon desk,” one observer cracked.

A third guy said in a comical way: “At work, I always have a crowbar. You do not?”

A fourth person then commented: “Thought for a second Mandy was going to crowbar Sandra.”

Mandy was shocked to find newspaper cuttings when she finally managed to get into the salon cabinet.

Mandy later questioned Sandra with her findings in front of Bernice since she was still adamant that she was up to something evil.

Mandy and Sandra, however, were both astonished to learn that the newspaper clippings belonged to feisty redhead Bernice.

The two women were astonished when Bernice abruptly revealed that she had been covertly collaging in her leisure time as Mandy’s accusations against Sandra grew more serious.

Fans flocked to Twitter after witnessing the amusing scenario to express their opinions on it as well.

“Oooh collage, Bernice…what next, papier mache scissors created from the soggy shredded bank papers,” one user commented.

Yet another wrote: “Bernice’s salon had three assistants working there but no clients. It makes sense that they converse with one another through mirror reflections and have secret interests given their lack of activities.”

A third person joined in: “Why would Bernice keep it a secret? It is quite clever at collage.”

However, a different supporter cautioned Mandy to keep an eye on Sandra and wrote: “Keep your nose to the ground, #Mandy! There are still more hints to be found!”

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