Emmerdale’s Lydia Dingle in danger as fans ‘work out’ Craig’s true identity in dark twist

Lydia Dingle has welcomed old lover Craig Reed back into her life, but Emmerdale viewers believe she should be careful of the newcomer to the village.

Lydia confessed to burying her stillborn baby in a forest near the children’s home where she grew up, which later became the grounds for the local school. Craig, the baby’s father, has recently returned to Lydia’s life after not seeing her since she was 15 and using her birth name Jenny.

ITV serial spoilers reveal that Sam Dingle will be further pushed out by his wife’s connection with Craig, but viewers believe Lydia should be afraid of her old boyfriend.

“#Emmerdale is Craig Lydia’s stalker?” one anxious fan tweeted. He shows there at her house. “Sam won’t be happy,” said another, “and Craig – you just know he’ll end up in the padded cell next to Colin #Emmerdale.” “Craig, who hasn’t seen Lydia (or Jenny as he knows her) in 33 years now, seems obsessed with her,” claimed another. “What exactly are his true intentions?” “Craig is giving Stalker vibes,” the admirer subsequently remarked. #Emmerdale.”

“Do you have a business partner?” Did anyone else notice the brief pause before lying? “Warning signs are there, Lydia/Jenny #emmerdale,” a fourth said, while another added, “I do not trust creepy Craig #Emmerdale.” “Oh no! Craig has turned into yet another stalker!” They didn’t even get the last one with Amelia and Lloyd, did they?” Another was added.

Lydia decides to accept her childhood sweetheart’s employment offer in the ensuing scenes after consulting with Sam. When her stepson Samson notices Craig’s flashy automobile, he is immediately taken in.

Samson is thrilled to learn that Craig’s firm created one of his favorite phone games and asks Lydia to help him obtain some job experience, which Craig later arranges.

Samson is overjoyed, while Sam feels unimportant, and his unease grows when Craig arrives at the house and meets Samson. The pair end up bonding as they finish the guttering Sam left unfinished, leaving the Dingle fixture feeling pushed out.

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