Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter says it’s hard to ‘hold her tongue’ over online trolls

After receiving cruel online abuse, Lucy Pargeter, a star of Emmerdale, has said that it is difficult for her to “hold her tongue”.

The ITV soap opera’s Chas Dingle, played by Lucy, and her on-screen husband Paddy are currently embroiled in a major plotline in which they are preparing to divorce after Chas had an affair with businessman Al Chapman.

Due to the plot, Lucy received a barrage of abusive remarks from incensed fans criticizing the actions of her character. She acknowledges that it can be difficult to ignore some of the internet trolls she encounters.

She was questioned during her Twitter Q&A: “I have nothing but praise for actors on soaps because you all work so hard, but how do you manage the negativity as there seems to be more and more and ignoring a lot of it must be so hard.”

After that, Lucy retorted, “The hard thing is holding my tongue.”

The actress claimed that her current plot with Al caused a lot of public anger and that her character soon turned into “hatred.”

In a recent interview with The Media, Lucy stated: “People are really, really not liking them together and you have the cheerleaders for Al and Chas, but you’ve clearly got the absolute haters for Chas, and what she is doing to Paddy, as well as the reasons behind what she is doing with Al. What she’s doing is terrible. When Paddy was involved, we were never going to convert anyone to Al and Chas.

“[You must] believe it. The number of stories that have been presented to you over the years and given to you is an enormous gift, but not always do you believe it. You cannot always defend it on your own behalf.

She shared her own sentiments about Put yourself in the shoes of the character and say, “Okay, this is how it’s being pitched to me; this is what I have to do; I have to try to believe it.” I don’t have to enjoy anything personally, but as a performer, you have to find the truth in it and simply believe what your character is told.

Dominic Brunt, who plays Paddy Dingle, her co-star, also expressed his support for her.

Dominic posted on Twitter: “Wow!!. My dear friend @lucyparge is still receiving pretty damn much constant abuse and personal attacks. THIS IS A STORY. Lucy has given this story everything it’s worth.

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