Emmerdale’s Liv faces danger after ignoring Sandra’s sinister warning – but fans convinced Aaron will save her

Viewers of Emmerdale are confident that Aaron Dingle will intervene and help Liv as she is in danger from her mother Sandra and her evil friend Terry.

When Liv discovered Sandra’s cunning scheme to defraud her of all the money in her savings account, she immediately dialed the police.

PC Swirling provided Liv, Vinny, and Mandy with an update on the issue on Friday’s episode of the ITV soap opera. Although Sandra remained silent, the police felt that there was sufficient proof to bring charges against her.

Later, when Liv’s mother unexpectedly visited the village, she was startled. Sandra urged Liv to withdraw the accusations and offered her a terrifying warning concerning Terry, but Liv was having none of it and accused Sandra of lying.

She was immediately expelled from the house by Liv and her husband Vinny, and she was soon sitting in Terry’s car.

Liv didn’t think Terry would do anything but become furious, according to Sandra, and Terry yelled: “I don’t threaten in vain. She will learn the hard way if necessary.”

Sandra appeared to be afraid of what might happen next as Terry punched his steering wheel. Although it appears Terry will attempt to exact revenge on Liv, many are confident Aaron will intervene to save her when he returns to the village the following week.

Oh, big rough Terry is going to pick on little Liv, so Aaron better get his a*** back quickly and deal with him in #Emmerdale, tweeted Penniless poet.

“Got a feeling that it’ll come nice, reckon Aaron will go crazy at Sandra and that guy #Emmerdale,” commented @BCFCD7.

Terry appears to be a s, according to @ko0bf4c3. I am eagerly anticipating Aaron’s face-punching. #Emmerdale.” “Terry will be making a house visit shortly. Hopefully Aaron will show up in time to fettle him #Emmerdale,” remarked @deanobeanos.

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