Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley ‘proud’ as she celebrates milestone in eight year addiction battle

Fans showered Lisa Riley, an Emmerdale star, with lovely support as she celebrated eight years of sobriety on Saturday.

The actress, who is well-known for portraying Mandy Dingle in the popular ITV soap, admitted to being “so proud” as she opened up to her followers on Instagram.

“CELEBRATION DAY TODAY 8 YEARS SOBER – true meaning of the word….PROUD,” Lisa said when sharing the news.I am having the best type of celebration.FEELING REALLY HAPPY…capturing moments I will ALWAYS cherish! Genuinely happy because I have a great life and get to love and be loved. HAPPIEST DAY…clear, honest, optimistic, and primarily LOVED.”

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The 46-year-old has previously spoken candidly to OK about drinking booze as a “comfort blanket”.

She added that she had left her home in disarray and that drinking had prevented her from spending time with her deceased mother.

Lisa admitted that she routinely hosted parties at her house that were alcohol-fueled and had a “endless supply” of alcohol.

“I remember thinking to myself, ‘Why does everybody come back to my house?'” the Emmerdale actress recalled. “Well, there was a pub there. There was never a shortage of alcohol.

I attribute my hangovers and lack of self-confidence to the partying I did when my mother was still alive.

Lisa’s mother tragically passed away from cancer in 2012, which caused her to turn to alcohol more and more as a coping mechanism.

In the comment area, fans flocked to leave the actress kind words. Kevin Mathurin, a fellow cast member from Emmerdale, wrote: “Congratulations, Lisa. You have every right to feel quite proud of yourself. Enjoy your weekend.

“Well done Lisa Rile.. my baby steps 8 months alcohol-free too!” said @beautielady. greatest of my life! It’s difficult since my buddies try to convince me to drink.

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