Emmerdale’s Liam Fox pays tribute to ITV co-star as they team up for new show

Since moving to the community, Dan Spencer, a newbie to Emmerdale, has undoubtedly raised some eyebrows.

After sleeping with his mother Faith, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) was likewise quick to get on his bad side.

The actor, who spends the majority of his time filming for the ITV soap opera, most recently collaborated with Dean Andrews for a Channel 5 production.

The two participated in a variety of sports, including caving and kayaking, for the new program Our Great Yorkshire Life.

Liam claimed that he had known Emmerdale actor Dean Andrews, who portrays Will Taylor, for many years.

He clarified, though, that they aren’t frequently shown together on film.

We don’t actually have that many scenes together on Emmerdale, Liam said.

We used to converse a little in the garage, but now when we’re together, we discuss our homes, families, and mutual acquaintances. Things unrelated to the show, in any case.

When questioned about his bond with Dean, the Dan Spencer actor responded, “It’s really easy.

In honor of his co-star, he continued, “Dean is simple to sit and converse with.

I appreciate that he is direct and honest. He is a true Yorkshireman and tells it like it is.

The soap star said, “We’re both actors, but he’s just a guy, and we want to have some fun.

Not that they are the same age, but there is something about him that makes me think of my grandfather, not that I’ve told him that, the man went on to quip.

Liam said that he has no plans to leave Emmerdale, but that after hosting the Channel 5 program, he would really like to do more.

“I would really like to do more presenting, he said. More activities with Dean and more activities by myself.

“I absolutely adore Emmerdale, and I will be content there till the end of time, but it’s wonderful to do other things because it keeps the old gray matter active.

“In fact, I also have a podcast about ghosts and UFOs. I’m used to being a little foolish, so.”

When questioned about doing another season of Our Great Yorkshire Life, Liam beamingly responded: “100%, without a doubt. Absolutely without a doubt.

“I believe I have reached an age where I long for many adventures.

“You know I’ve got Emmerdale, which is amazing, but if they let me do small bits and bobs here and there when I’m not filming,” he continued.

Dan, a character played by Liam, is presently experiencing issues with his daughter Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell), who recently learned that she is expecting.

The kid was recently compelled to confess to Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) after running into her at the doctor.

When Charity learns the child is her son Noah’s (Jack Downham), she is horrified. To make matters worse, Amelia is further along in her pregnancy than she is letting on, which makes things even worse.

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