Emmerdale’s Leyla’s drug battle exposed as she’s caught out by stunned villager

Next week, major scenes from Emmerdale will air as someone finally learns Leyla Harding’s drug-related secret.

Fans learned the newcomer was discreetly using cocaine with Suzy Merton earlier this year.

Since then, Leyla’s addiction has become more severe, and she has started lying to those who are close to her.

Only Suzy is aware of the reality, and she has made the decision to stop using the habit in the hopes that Leyla will follow suit.

Leyla has tried to stop using narcotics, but she hasn’t been successful and has continued using cocaine covertly.

The following week, one of her closest friends comes in on her doing a line of coke, and she is caught in the act.

Her former boyfriend and friend David Metcalfe is terrified when he discovers Leyla about to take the pills with them on the table.

Leyla is ashamed to have been discovered when David confronts her, and she is helpless to conceal what is happening.

Unimpressed David hears Leyla try to explain how she can get out of it, but he can see right through it and chooses to act.

He says she needs assistance and promises to inform her husband Liam Cavanagh so he can support her.

When David tells Leyla about her addiction, she is shocked and begs him not to. However, David quickly texts Liam to meet up.

Leyla tries to persuade her ex that she has permanently stopped using cocaine while Liam, baffled by the message, goes to meet David.

Will David confess to Liam or will he refuse to trust her?

In either case, it’s unclear if Leyla will quit using narcotics or get the assistance she requires.

Given that Suzy is also aware of her secret and that this is a soap opera, the truth will eventually out.

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