Emmerdale’s Leyla gets closer to truth over Jacob and Victoria

Leyla Cavanagh of Emmerdale might be getting closer to learning the truth about Jacob Gallagher and Victoria Barton’s developing romance.

In later scenes, David Metcalfe will still not understand that his stepson and his ex-girlfriend are connected. It appears that Leyla may be on course to learn this startling fact on her own in the interim.

She asks Jacob who this new woman in his life might be because she thinks he might be hiding something romantic. Would Jacob back off and remain quiet, or would he communicate with Leyla? In that case, will she inform David?

Jacob and Victoria spent the night together earlier in the ITV soap opera, which launched the storyline.

The couple made the decision to hide their relationship because they were afraid David would be devastated to see Victoria move on and find someone else he truly cared about.

However, it seems that their romance will have some serious repercussions because it might be connected to David’s impending departure, which is scheduled to air in the coming weeks.

Joe-Warren Plant, who plays Jacob, hinted in an exclusive interview that Leyla might come to realize that his mystery woman is actually Victoria.

“Jacob detects that Leyla has a tendency to be quite inquisitive about his affairs. “I will discover who your girlfriend is,” she declares.

Given that people in the village talk and gossip, it goes without saying that Jacob is terrified that anyone would find out, including Leyla, David, and everyone else.

Jacob is astute and skilled at keeping people in the dark.

“At the same time, though, sometimes he jumps the gun a little bit or does things without really thinking because he’s passionate about the situation.”

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