Emmerdale’s Leyla faces death as she’s rushed to hospital after drug overdose

Leyla Cavanagh from Emmerdale might overdose and pass away in terrifying scenes from the ITV series.

Leyla has recently struggled to maintain control over her drug use, which has caused her addiction to worsen. She has largely kept her addiction a secret from everyone, but David Metcalfe suddenly learned what she was up to.

But things took a tragic turn tonight when Leyla overdosed and was taken to the hospital. Her GP husband Liam is now well aware of how seriously at risk she is for death and has sworn to leave her to battle her addiction alone.

Leyla was observed by nurses and doctors as she lay immobile in a hospital setting.

Liam was persuaded to help her and stick by Manpreet Sharma, a doctor, but he was adamant that he wouldn’t be the one to rescue her from her problem, especially after his daughter Leanna’s life was taken.

Last year, Meena Jutla murdered Leanna; Liam, obviously, is still in shock over what happened.

Leyla has just found herself in a difficult situation after becoming involved in a deal with her heroin dealer. He came up with a strategy to help them both out when she found herself in debt to him and unable to pay for her cocaine.

“This is the favor you agreed to,’ I said. Her dealer explained, “It’s just a backpack. All I need is somewhere safe to hide anything for a couple of weeks. You take care of it, and after two weeks, I’ll return to pick it up. It’s done.

“If you accomplish this, not only will I forgive your debts, but I’ll also throw in a small tickler. £2,500 cash.”

Leyla eventually located the bag in Suzy’s boot after it went missing, and as a reward for her success in doing so, her dealer gave her some free narcotics.

As Liam finally exposed the real scope of what she was doing, she ultimately overdosed and admitted herself to the hospital, her life hanging in the balance.

Fans felt it amusing that Matty appeared to have stolen the narcotics without wearing gloves so that his fingerprints would be all over them as he sought to blame Suzy for the drug dealing. It was shortly discovered that Matty was responsible for the missing drugs and had stolen them.

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