Emmerdale’s Laurel Thomas to be held captive in Marshall storyline

Next week, as Colin Hamston, the father of Marshall Hamston, becomes even more repulsive, Laurel Thomas of Emmerdale will experience a frightening ordeal.

After a visit to the local councilman’s house takes an unexpected turn, Colin kidnaps Laurel.

Following the teen’s recent departure from the hamlet, Marshall and his aunt Jean are preparing to travel overseas. This interaction by Marshall and Jean signals the start of the future plotline.

In order to avoid having to confront Marshall’s homophobic father, Laurel promises to pick up the young man’s passport. Colin, however, locks Laurel in Marshall’s former bedroom when she gets to the house since he seems unstable.

Since Colin has taken Laurel’s phone, she is unable to call for help and is imprisoned against her will for several days as a result.

Laurel eventually decides to pray with Colin as she tries to find a method to divert his attention.

Laurel takes advantage of the opportunity and uses a Bible to knock Colin out, but as she rushes for the door, she realizes that she is still locked inside.

Family members back in the village are concerned about Laurel’s whereabouts, and her son Arthur alerts them to the fact that she was meant to be picking up Marshall’s passport from Colin.

Colin is becoming more and more cunning; he coerces Laurel into unlocking her phone and texts Jai a false message implying that she has relapsed.

Laurel thinks she is about to be saved when a police officer shows up at the residence, but Colin’s trickery makes her misery even worse.

Jai, Laurel’s husband, and Suni, his hidden half-brother, decide to take matters into their own hands and go looking for Laurel. Will they be successful in doing so?

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