Emmerdale’s Kit exposed in shock scenes as Laurel finds him cheating with stepdaughter Gabby

Laurel Thomas from Emmerdale has had a tumultuous love life lately since her relationship with Jai Sharma ended, but she now stands to experience more heartache with newcomer Kit.

On the ITV serial, Laurel thought she had found love again after getting to know physiotherapist Kit, only for him to divert his attention to Gabby Thomas.

The dirty laundry of Kit and Laurel’s stepdaughter will finally be exposed on the soap, according to ITV spoilers, who have revealed that the manager of the Hide Café finds out about the double-dealing.

After concentrating primarily on her baby Thomas, Gabby has been looking for someone to share her life with and has plunged into the world of online dating.

She soon comes close to giving up on the applications since swiping left and right turns out to be difficult than she anticipated.

That all changes though when she strikes up a conversation with a mysterious man named Chris and the two immediately set up a date. Gabby, however, is unaware that her date’s real identity is actually Kit and not Chris at all.

The date goes well, and they return to Home Farm only for Laurel to enter, completely ignorant that he is the same man that Laurel is seeing.

Flustered Gabby had to act quickly and rushes Laurel out the door before an unaware Kit descends the stairs.

In order to get to know each other better, the two schedule a second date. Later on, Kit doesn’t apologize and manages to maintain both of his relationships with Laurel and Gabby without any difficulty.

But when Laurel recommends to Gabby that they attempt double dating, things are about to get much more complicated.

After strictly following Marlon Dingle’s advice, Kit is compelled to conceal his lie at the shop by feigning a grin and telling Laurel he will prepare a lunch for them.

He continues to message Gabby, apologizing for being late, as Laurel and Kit eat their supper.

Then, when Laurel recommends that they spend the night together, he finds himself contemplating his options.

After politely declining Laurel’s invitation, Kit rushes over to Gabby’s for his second dinner of the evening. As they go toward the bedroom, things quickly get heated.

However, in shocking scenes where Gabby is visibly upset when Laurel shows up at Home Farm, Chris turns out to be Kit.

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