Emmerdale’s Kit actor Thoren Ferguson’s music stardom, Line of Duty link and life away from the soap

Since Kit’s debut in Emmerdale, the character has undoubtedly divided fans, so it’s time to learn a little bit more about actor Thoren Ferguson.

As the village chef, Marlon Dingle, played by Mark Charnock, recovers from a stroke, the physiotherapist first arrived in May. In Emmerdale, Kit has been seen assisting Marlon in adjusting to life at home after his stay in the hospital.

While he may have been assisting the well-known soap opera character, Kit has not been well-liked by all Emmerdale viewers. In a love triangle that has infuriated viewers, Laurel Thomas and Gabby have both been the subject of his romantic pursuit.

This article examines acting prodigy Thoren’s life outside of Emmerdale.

You’ll learn a little bit about his musical preferences and previous performing roles in addition to his time in the town.

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Linking up with Line of Duty

Thoren played Bretton in the BBC drama Vigil before joining Emmerdale. Vigil was created by Jed Mercurio, who also created Line of Duty. He played Hal Stewart in The Spanish Princess, among other roles.

Thoren also made an appearance in two Shetland episodes. He played Eamon Gauldie in the criminal drama, which you might recognize.

You might have recognized him from The Midwich Cuckoos. In the 2022 series, he played Jaime Travis.

Film roles

The talented actor has experienced a variety of film roles. Thoren made an appearance in Consecration, Matriarch, and Blue Christmas, among other films.

He has appeared in Animals and Tomorrow, among other places. You may have also noticed that Thoren has previously appeared in advertisements for both Johnnie Walker whisky and Scottish tourism.

Music stardom

Award-winning musician Thoren is. He composes, instructs, and plays the fiddle.

The band The Jacobites also has acting abilities. Here is where you can learn more about the band.

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