Emmerdale’s Kim declares war on Harriet with dark threat ahead of ‘fireworks’

Ahead of significant moments for the two, Emmerdale’s Kim Tate chillingly threatened Harriet Finch by reminding her that she was the “God of the village.”

After interfering in her continuing conflict with Will Taylor, her partner, and his daughter Dawn Taylor, the villain lost no time in approaching Harriet.

Will, who was still stuck in the center of the conflict between Kim and his daughter, has been receiving advice from Harriet on how to handle the problem.

Harriet offering Will a shoulder to cry on didn’t sit well with Kim, who thought she was attempting to get her ex back.

Harriet played it down, but Kim quickly threatened her and told her to back off or else.

Kim reminded Harriet that she could handle anything despite her claims that she wasn’t worried, and it was obvious that Harriet was terrified.

“I know you have been chatting to Will and I know why too,” Kim said when she arrived at her home. “You’re envious.”

As Harriet refuted this, Kim took the former vicar’s Bible and started menacingly reading a section.

“I pursued my foes, overtook them, and did not turn back until they were consumed,” she read, clearly identifying Harriet to be her adversary.

“I pushed them through, making it impossible for them to stand up; they fell under my feet. They screamed out for aid, but no one could save them; they cried to the LORD, but he did not respond.

I pounded them till they were as fine as dust in the wind, and I threw them out like mud in the streets.

Is that supposed to be a threat? Harriet swiped back as she halted and asked. Given that it involves having God on your side.

Kim approached her and said, “You do well to keep in mind that I am God around here.”

Harriet pretended to be courageous as the bad guy left the house, but as soon as Kim had left, she faltered.

In an effort to win back Would, it has been hinted that Harriet will push Kim too far in the months leading up to the 50th anniversary.

Harriet will undoubtedly be in danger as she gets ready to cross the bad guy because she is aware of Kim’s violent and homicidal past.

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