Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt exposed as Frank’s killer after fans ‘work out’ Tracy return plot

Since she and Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) were accountable for Frank Clayton’s death, Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt (played by Laura Norton) has been harboring a very dark secret from the locals (Michael Praed).

ITV viewers will recall that Kerry and her daughter took charity funds from the workplace safe and set fire to the CCTV system in an effort to obliterate any proof.

Kerry was compelled to confess when Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) confronted her about the incident at the time.

Tracy, however, thinks Kerry committed the heist by himself and was unaware of Amy’s participation.

Considering Tracy’s impending return to the community, may the single mother end up telling everyone?

Following her altercation with Amelia, supporters feel Kerry will soon be revealed (Daisy Campbell).

Kerry’s interference in Noah Dingle’s (Jack Downham) ability to obtain employment abroad led to the argument.

Amelia screamed, “How could you take that job away from him!”

“Kerry responded, “I was only being honest. Amelia countered, “No, but he deserves another chance.

Kerry remarked mockingly, “Well, plainly not everyone agrees with you.

Kerry’s past was then brought up by Amelia, which caused the villager to become alarmed.

Kerry thought Amelia was speaking to Frank when she said, “You think I don’t know.”

“Kerry, I’ve heard what people are saying. If someone hadn’t given you another chance, where you’d be now and how you used to be.

You are the same entitled, self-centered cow you have always been.

After the episode, viewers shared their opinions and theories on social media about what may happen next.

Many people think Kerry will soon be found out for killing Frank, but one fan thinks Tracy will turn her in to the police.

Jamie posited: “I hope Tracey finally tells the cops about Kerry when she returns.”

Leanna White remarked, “I thought she was going to say, I know you killed Frank,” when Amelia told Kerry, “You think I don’t know.”

When Amelia told Kerry, “You think I don’t know,” Sinead continued, “I thought she was going to say, I know you killed Frank.”

Justice for Frank!, tweeted @userfordy52, “How can Frank’s killer Kerry be so on her high horse with Amilia.”

Kerry the hypocrite needs to be exposed, according to Jamie’s tweet: “The authors HAVE to give Frank justice.”

Owen remarked, “Oh the irony of Kerry bringing up Noah being a criminal, justice for Frank anyone?”

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