Emmerdale’s Joe-Warren Plant reveals real-life friendships with rival soap stars

Joe-Warren Plant of Emmerdale may compete with other soap opera actors at the annual awards shows, but off-screen friendships develop to the point where he spends his free time with several Hollyoaks cast members.

Plant told Inside Soap, “I play football with a couple of the fellas from Hollyoaks,” including Owen Warner of I’m a Celebrity, Billy Price (Sid Sumner, who recently left the serial), and Jacob Roberts.

“We frequently play on the same side, but I believe there would be more competition if Emmerdale and Hollyoaks were together; fortunately, we are paired up. While the soaps frequently compete with one another, it’s good to occasionally work together.”

Fortunately, his football abilities appear to have improved since he initially appeared on the soap opera at the age of 8 over 13 years ago. Plant recalled a time when he unintentionally hurt one of his co-stars.

“We had to play football one day while I was filming alongside Roxy Shahidi (Leyla Cavanagh) and Andrew Langtree (Justin Gallagher). I misplaced my footing and accidentally kicked the ball right in Roxy’s face.”

Plant is convinced that Emmerdale is where his heart is, refusing to say whether he’d be tempted to transfer soaps as his former on-screen mother Natalie Anderson did by temporarily joining Hollyoaks.

Finding myself in anything else is difficult. The fact that I still enjoy going to work says a lot. I doubt that anything could surpass it.

Plant says he has no intentions to quit the soap opera either and expresses his wishes for another ten years in the Dales and how he wants Jacob to engage with the locals more.

“Jacob could become the village doctor if he pursues his education. He may interact with the other characters and be involved in a variety of other plot lines, therefore I’d like to investigate that.

Although Jacob is highly intelligent, we don’t often see that side of him. In ten years, I hope Jacob will be fairly settled, have a nice job under his belt, and not have followed in David’s footsteps!

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