Emmerdale’s Joe-Warren Plant pays tribute as much loved star quits after decades

The recent confirmation that Matthew Wolfenden will soon leave Emmerdale caused some startling news. Since 2006, the actor has been portraying David Metcalfe, owner of the store that bears his name.

Matthew recently appeared on This Morning to explain his departure, stating that it “felt like the right time” to do so, though he did confess that the thought of leaving the program after nearly two decades made him emotional.

He fortunately added that the door will remain open for his comeback, which is good news for his admirers. They’re not going to kill me off. I’ve been guaranteed… and I have the right to tell you that,” he affirmed.

Joe-Warren Plant, who has played David’s stepson Jacob Gallagher since 2010 — when he was just eight years old — will be much comforted by this news, in addition to the fans.

The actor talked to Inside Soap about his impending plotlines and the departure of the character he considers his “best friend.”

The news that Matthew will be departing made him exclaim, “I’m gutted!” “He taught me everything,” I said. Everything was given to me straight by Matthew as I had no prior acting experience.

Joe-Warren expressed his satisfaction with how Jacob and David’s bond has developed in recent years, especially now that Jacob is an adult.

“It’s nice to see the change in conversations — everything’s a bit more grown-up and they talk more on a mature level,” he thought. Although they have always gotten along and David is a wonderful father, Jacob enjoys having more time with David now that he is a single parent.

The upcoming episodes are expected to be dramatic for both father and son because of a careless error that causes Jacob to have a potentially fatal allergic response.

David’s world is rocked by anything happening to his kid, and he quickly goes all out to defend him, as we have seen in earlier plots where Jacob’s life was in jeopardy.

Joe-Warren reflected on life for Jacob without his father and remarked, “It’s going to be strange not having him around!

I believe he will need to spend more time with Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) and adjust to living without a father figure close by. Jacob adores David dearly, and their relationship is positive. Without him, Jacob will suffer.

It is obvious that Joe-Warren will find it challenging to work with Matthew less frequently.

He’s my best friend, so even though it’s upsetting, we’ll stay in touch.

“Matthew is the most sincere person you’ll ever meet.” I’m sure I’ll miss him.

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