Emmerdale’s Joanne Mitchell on working with real-life husband Dominic Brunt

The Emmerdale legend Dominic Brunt will greet his wife Joanne Mitchell when she returns to the soap opera to play Sandra Flaherty.

We’ll see the 50-year-old actress, who has been married to 52-year-old Dominic Brunt since 2003, the following week.

Joanne has had a lot of minor roles in Emmerdale over the years before assuming the more significant role of Sandra Flaherty back in 2016.

When speaking with Inside Soap about her return, Joanne said: “It’s amazing.

I’ve been and gone a few times over the years, but this time Sandra’s character will get a few more layers and be given a little more room to grow.

We’ll see where the journey takes us, then. Playing beside Izzy Steel, who portrays Sandra’s daughter Liv Flaherty, is always enjoyable, and I get to collaborate with other cast members as well. They’re a great group.

Of course, Joanne is extremely familiar with one of the cast members—Dominic Brunt, who plays Paddy Dingle and is also Joanne’s husband in real life.

Joanne has discussed how they got along on the set.

Since I’ve been back this time, I haven’t yet seen Dominic in the studios, Joanne said.

I haven’t actually worked with him yet, but it’s fun to be on the same program as him.

Due to the various lives that our characters have in the town, we haven’t had any scenes together.

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