Emmerdale’s Harriet Finch’s Liverpool connection and what makes city special

In an exclusive conversation with the ECHO, Katherine Dow Blyton gushed about her Liverpool connection.

The soap opera diva is well-known for her role as Emmerdale’s Harriet Finch. The 57-year-old was well-known to soap fans prior to moving to the made-up Yorkshire village for her time on Hollyoaks.

In order to fulfill her four-year contract, Katherine, who starred as Sally Hunter on the Channel 4 show from 2001 to 2005, moved to Merseyside. She lived in Mossley Hill while she was in Liverpool and raved about the place.

We used to enjoy visiting the Albert Dock and held a number of parties there, she recalled.

We used to frequent the Penny Lane since we were local drinkers, and where else did I live? Since then, I’ve drank a lot of wine.

It’s fantastic for locals and for nights out. In addition to discussing her “wonderful time,” Katherine discussed what makes Liverpool unique.

She uttered: “the folks and the enjoyable company. I made a ton of friends, many of whom I still keep in touch with.”

In spite of spending nine tumultuous years in the Yorkshire Dales, Katherine joined the Emmerdale cast in 2013. Katherine made the quip that Harriet’s role is “like Mr. Benn” since she has alternated between a vicar and a police officer.

Added her: “Simply put, she emerges wearing a different uniform. Returning to the police is what I’m having trouble with at the moment. I’m back in the uniform, and I have never felt so uncomfortably dressed. It is disgusting to walk around in, so I salute the men and women in law enforcement. It is very heavy and not at all attractive.”

The ECHO chatted with Katherine as the show’s 50th anniversary celebrations got underway. With a special collection of episodes, the show will commemorate its significant anniversary as a deadly disaster is about to rip through the community.

Katherine gave some explanation of how her character fits into the build-up. She predicted: “Will and Kim are going to have a problem because she keeps having these re-emerging affections for him. The timing is not ideal because they are about to get married, so that will present a small issue.

She is allegedly having a brief liaison with Dan, but she is unsure because she is not accustomed to nice men. Who knows what plans they have for me?

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