Emmerdale’s Gabby Thomas threatens Nicky as their story is revisited

In Emmerdale, Gabby Thomas and her ex-fiance Nicky Miligan had a very tense reunion.

Nicky recently admitted that he had been forced into dating Gabby as part of his father Caleb’s scheme to defraud the late Frank Tate’s ex-wife Kim Tate of his inheritance.

In truth, he had a boyfriend whose affection he jeopardised by consenting to his father’s scheme, and Gabby was about to marry Nicky when he admitted that he never felt anything for her.

As a result of Gabby’s previous complaints about Nicky moving to the village after making amends with his father, there was a heated argument on Wednesday’s (July 12) episode.

The Tates and Taylors gathered to celebrate Clemmie’s birthday in the episode, but then they were interrupted by Nicky, who had come to deliver Clemmie a card.

He told an uncaring Gabby, “I didn’t want Clemmie to think I was yet another adult who had abandoned her.”

Nicky was reminded by Gabby that he had lived with the family, claimed to take care of the children, and then pulled the rug out from under everyone.

Insisting, “I was trying to do a good thing today,” Nicky.

Gabby questioned whether Nicky was attempting to “worm” his way back into the family’s good graces in order to prevent them from filing a fraud complaint against him given that he had lied about having worked as a nanny.

Nicky reassured her, “Look, I really feel really horrible about all of that.

Gabby responded that Clemmie was a “traumatised kid” who had been betrayed by yet another person she trusted when Nicky requested for just a few minutes with her.

Just leave, if you think I’m going to allow you get close to her, Gabby commanded.

a discouraged Before slinking away, Nicky left the card for Clemmie in the kitchen. When Dawn “pops that kid out,” Gabby claimed, she would steal the show and vent her annoyance on the Taylors.

But Dawn and Billy hadn’t yet told children Lucas and Clemmie they were having a sibling, so she’d stepped in it.

Despite Gabby’s prompt apology, the harm had already been done because Clemmie had left.

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